Welcome to AmericanLeadHERship.org. We are an organization dedicated to increasing the ranks of progressive women in governors' seats across the country.

When women serve, they make laws that improve the lives of other American women and families. Jobs, education, health care, and security are top priorities.

Recent polling has found on nearly every issue, a female officeholder is seen as equally or more capable than a male officeholder. It was also found that a woman is perceived to be more likely to put families ahead of politics and end partisan bickering.

Battles over what we thought were long-settled women's rights have erupted across the country and are being fought in state legislatures. But today, these laws are being decided - almost exclusively - by men.

Despite gains in other parts of government, women have actually lost ground when it comes to governors' seats. Currently, only one Democratic woman serves as a governor. Before 2012, there were just two. While just four states have never elected a woman to Congress, nearly half of all states have never had a female governor.

Women are at the table in America's Fortune 500 boardrooms, in the halls of Congress, and soon, perhaps, even in the White House. The country's governors' mansions have become a last line of defense. It's imperative to elect strong, qualified, and progressive women to these offices now.

Join us and donate today. We all benefit when there are more women at the table.

For more information or to make a financial contribution contact Kate Coyne-McCoy at 401-578-0210 or kate@americanleadhership.com